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This week the guys talk about the ongoing basketball season and their expectations. Also Pat and Steve give an insider's glimpse into spring football and what goes on behind the scenes. Learn about the power of oatmeal in Steve's Just the Tip and learn how to manage your finances better with Pat on his Money Minute. Matty has a new game for the both of them to play inspired by a recently resurrected segment called West Virginia, What The F**k. 

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This week the guys are joined by a West Virginia legend Tony Caridi. Tony Caridi is the state’s most recognized sports voice as radio play-by-play announcer for the West Virginia University Mountaineers and host of the nightly Northside Automotive Statewide Sportsline. Caridi, is a multiple winner of the West Virginia Sportscaster of the Year honor and recipient of the West Virginia Broadcasters Association Excellence in Broadcasting, Network Play-by-Play Award. An accomplished public speaker, Caridi travels have taken to him to each of West Virginia’s fifty-five counties.  The inspiration to write a children’s book began through his wife Joan’s involvement in the Read Aloud Program. His new movie titled "Hot Rod The Movie" will be released in the spring of 2018. 

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This week the guys start off "The Superbowl Show" by talking about NBA and WVU basketball. The guys then react to some fan comments from the Facebook page and give their take on the big game before it has begun. Next, Steve gives us all some cooking tips, and Pat shares some life advice in his Money Minute. Finally Player or Porn Star is slightly different this week with a game of Porn Star or Practice Squad. 

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This week the guys discuss Matty's suspect social media posts, the pitfalls that of social media especially for athletes, and if benching a player actually can improve their attitude. Also, as always, there is another edition of Player or Porn star. 

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To kick off the new year, the guys discuss what they did over the holidays, Skyler Howard, and Rich Rodriguez. Also, there's just a tip not only from Steve, but also Pat and Matty. To wrap it all up, a new season of Player or Porn begins. 

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This week the guys discuss Will Grier's decision to stay, Justin Crawford sitting the bowl game, and the bowl game itself against Utah. Also, Pat talks about his visit to the West Virginia Fan Club of Charleston, Steve sheds light on the off the field factors of playing or not in a bowl game, and Matty gets tricky with Player or Porn star. 

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This week we give you a glimpse behind the curtain and play some clips of previously unheard parts, and highlights of Steve, from Episode 83. 

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This week the guys discuss the mauling that was the WVU Oklahoma Game and the end of the season. Plus find out what to do with all of your Thanksgiving leftovers with Just The Tip with Steve. Also, a new season of  Player or Porn Star begins with a controversial win and find out why Google is the real MVP. 

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This week the guys discuss the disaster that was the WVU Texas Game. Pat and Steve relate how a fracured finger affected them, and how it will impact Grier's career. Plus find out what "a heart as big as gold" means, new segment "Musket Shots Fired" discusses West Virginia fans and their complaints on coaching, Just The Tip, and Player or Porn Star. 

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This week the guys tackle the firestorm that was caused after last weeks podcast. They address questions and issues brought up from the Bob Hertzel article and one in The Smoking Musket about how formers players are treated when they come back to WVU and some ideas for solutions are presented. Then it's talking about the K-State game and an epic round of Player or Porn Star to get ready for Texas Game on ESPN.

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